In celebration of getting an ereadertabletthingie for Christmas, I thought I’d release some wallpaper-sized photo-packs.
They’re all 1920x1408 (except those that are bigger) although I’m not entirely sure I understand the rationale behind that size given that something that gets cropped no matter what you do. Ah, Android. This beats the 1920x1080 download you can get for $2 on my 500px; most of the photos in these packs aren’t hosted there, so if you’re interested in a specific image, shoot me a message.
They’re zip archives (from 4 to 8 photos apiece), hosted on Google Drive for now, until my laptop gets out of hock and I can remember my ftp login information.

dried vegetation
green vegetation
flowering vegetation
urban growth

The master list is here if you want to browse and download individual images.
If you download them and find them useful, please reblog this or spread the links around. Thanks!