I can’t believe I forgot how great thrifting in Parkdale is.


I made a business card for a friend this weekend. It was my first chance to try out the Noun Project. So far so good, though not many options for traditional crest shapes.
In the interests of the magical beauty of Creative Commons and public domain releases, here’s my list of sources:

Shovel by Edward Boatman from The Noun Project (icon 369)

Handsaw PD (2705)

Boot by DonBLC 123 from The Noun Project (6391)

Garden by birdie brain from The Noun Project (6515)

Hands holding tree PD (9815)

Chainsaw by Nick Green from The Noun Project (15017)

Shield by Pieter J. Smits from The Noun Project (19856)

I love this project. Democratizing graphic design for the rest of us - an absolute essential for all who need more than a Facebook page to get jobs.