More business cards, more Noun Project.

500px is launching a photography-licensing side-business (no link, it’s all private docs so far). Which is very interesting, since they’re already had canvas and digital prints for sale for ages. So of course they’ve asked me to contribute my one-hit-wonder photo (above).

So I’m trying to translate their licensing agreements. It’s very interesting, and I’m so glad to have this opportunity to deal firsthand with what artists do in the copyright world all the time. Specifically the licensing is, of course, for purchases without attribution requirements, which is cool, and with the right to change my metadata without consultation. Which is also cool. I think.
What’s weird is that it’s a Canadian company and I’m a Canadian. So why is everything about registering with LOC and filling out W9s and doing all the copyright stuff the American way?
(Anybody else have experience with this that they want to share?)

I don’t have a lot of projects for the new year. This was my first year of grown-ass woman-hood, in so far as achievement and professionalism and whatnot goes. So next year will involve making good on all the implied promises of this year: finally learning to walk in heels, owning more than black and gray nail polishes, etc. But even with the 9-5 of Damocles hanging over my post-Masters head, I want to pursue some other shit. More photography sales, more web design for friends who are also finally embarking on real career-style shit. Finish some knitting projects. Oh yeah, I guess I could finish off that book I’m writing, or whatevs.
Mostly right now it’s learning to swipe-type. And remembering to spend enough time vegetating now and again to fall into what comes naturally (mainly mocking cultural and feminist depictions of womanly behavior in equal measure, and fucking with Photoshop). Now you know. Happy 2014, filthy minions.